There’s something really wrong happenig in my (mother’s) family and even my dad is about to cry.

I swear I can hear the rest of them saying it: Iss? Ha! Yeah, she’s a cold-blooded bitch.

Maybe I am, who knows? I accepted some time ago I’m not a good person. You’re supposed to be better than the people who hurt you, right? Well, I’m not. And I’m really tired of feeling bad because of that.

“Better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie.” — Russian Proverb (via mashamorevna)



b. 30 September 1975 | Paris, France.

I wonder what would have become of Marion Cotillard had she not succeeded in becoming the actress she is today. 'If it never happened?' she replies. 'Wow! I would have been…' And her voice falls silent. There’s a lenghty pause, part of her lost in the unthinkable. 'I don’t know,' she says eventually. 'I believe that you are where you should be and I believe that things that happen to you happen for a reason. So if it had never happened it would have been because I was meant to do something else.' [x]

♪ oh, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way ♫

♫ oh, what fun to k i l l  someone and end up in jail ♪


mens re·a
noun  LAW

        (guilty mind) refers to the mental state which, when 
        conjoined with an unlawful act, renders someone  
        punishable as a criminal wrongdoer.


MICHAEL CINCO Bridal Collection 2014-2015


television gives you the opportunity to have roles that are written for women that are in a wider spectrum than in film.

lucy liu for schon! magazine // photos by marku&koala


Karen - Good Morning America Studios- September 29th 2014